If you happen to find yourself in Vienna, Austria, one of the must see places is the Tiergarten Schönbrunn (the Zoo), the oldest Zoo in the world, voted the best European Zoo in 2010, the year we’ve visited it. What makes this Zoo so special is the location, as it’s found inside the Schönbrunn imperial palace and gardens domain, so there’s plenty to see there in a few square kilometers of open sky, trees, elegant gardens and magnificent architecture.

The best things about Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo is the vast open space where animals roam almost free, with just a few cages for birds that would fly away if not restricted this way. If you bring the kids with you they’ll be delighted by the peacocks roaming at their feet and other curios animals that are walking together with the visitors. There are even visiting hours for feeding the animals. That’s the best thing about the Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo: it doesn’t look like a Zoo in most part, but more like an interactive educational school (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit).

Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo – info for visitors, Schonbrunn Palace and gardens – official site

If you don’t feel like visiting the Zoo you can always visit the Schonbrunn gardens. I guarantee you’ll like them. Just make sure you don’t stand in the way of those practicing Yoga or jogging between the perfectly cut trees.

There are other things to see at Schonbrunn domain besides the Zoo, imperial palace and gardens. On my list there’s the Gloriette gate, the labyrinth and the famous the Palm House. If I haven’t convinced you yet please take a look at the pictures below:

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