Like many capital cities in the world, the center of Vienna is packed with old building and street, a lot of tourist attractions, fine restaurants, places to drink a coffee (people from Vienna love their coffee) and eat some fine sweets. Exactly in the city center, in the middle of Stephansplatz (Stephan’s Square), lies Stephansdom (Saint Stepahan’s Cathedral), which for a long time was the highest building in Europe, measuring almost 136,44 m. That’s amazing for something that was built in 1147. You have to take a look at the picture below to really understand how tall this building really is.

As a couple of curious tourists that we are, we’ve tried to find an entrance in the South Tower, the tallest part of the Gothic Cathedral. Luckily there’s a visiting tour of the South Tower, but it is open only to the middle, which doesn’t sound much, but considering you have to take she spiral stairs, it’s breathtaking, literally.

We had to stop twice till we got to the middle of the tower, where a larger room with windows allowed us to take some pictures of Vienna. We were really impressed by the view from Saint Stephan’s Cathedral. Later, upon documenting for this article we’ve found out there’s an elevator that takes to the highest accessible point for visitors, but where’s the adventure without drama, right?

Stephansdom – official site (in German)

Here are some of th aerial pictures we’ve took from Stephansdom. The weather was amazing that day, as you can see below:

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