Our trip to Bratislava wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to the old city center, where old architecture (kept perfectly preserved) meets small plazas, gift shops, unnaturally blue water fountains, strange metallic statues and a lot of places to drink a good Slovak beer. I’m telling your, don’t miss on the amazingly tasking beer that you’ll find all over the place in Bratislava, and Slovakia for that matter.

St Michael’s Gate is the only preserved gate of the medieval city fortifications and dominates the city center from almost any place you find yourself, even where the walls seem to be too close to each other for letting enough air to breathe. It’s the typical architecture you find in European cities which have preserved old buildings with narrow streets and stone pavement. The difference is made by how well those buildings and streets are maintained, and I have to give a top score to Bratislava.

Also one thing you’ll like in the old city center is the night life during the weekend and sometimes during the week. It’s very hard to find a place outdoors to drink a beer, as all seats are taken by people talking loud (it’s an European thing) and drinking well into the morning hours.

And a couple of pictures we’ve took while visiting the old city center in Bratislava:

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