Bratislava Castle (original name is Bratislavský hrad) is the most important historical landmark to visit in Bratislava, or even Slovakia, as the first mention of this tourist attraction dates back to year 907 (the first picture dates back to 14th century) and its image is used today on the Slovak Euro coins.

This beautiful castle lies on the river Danube, on a hill that allow visitors to see the city from above, and of course take great pictures. If you have good eyes you can even see the wind mills in Austria, as the two countries are close to each other, with Bratislava and Wien being the closest European capitals (approximately an hour drive by car).

Even if we didn’t had a chance to see the inside of Bratislava Castle because it was in restoration, we did visit its garden, that surrounds the four towers of the castle. Exactly in the front part of the castle you’re greeted with a few statues and an imposing gate, but that’s nothing compared to the view of the city, as you’ll see in the pictures below.

Bratislavský hrad – official site with location, history and tours details

If you come to Bratislava, this is one attraction you don’t want to miss. And don’t bother too much with finding it: it’s the viewable from a few dozen kilometers distance, especially at night, when it’s lit from below. And if you feel thirsty or hungry out there there are quite a few bars and restaurants near the castle, and even one inside the walls.

Our pictures from Bratislava Castle:

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