If you ever travel to Cape Breton the must see destinations are the Cabot Trail scenic drive, Baddeck and Sydney, Nova Scotia’s third largest city. We went there on a nice Saturday drive and spent a few hours on the waterfront, marina and nearby park.

As you walk through the city it becomes apparent that not so many years ago this was an important industrial centre with coal and steel being playing the most important part in the local economy. Times have changed and the city had to adapt, so now it’s a popular destination for cruise ships that have at their disposal quite a few facilities.

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Sydney was fitted with a new marina, waterfront boardwalk and world’s largest fiddle (pictured below – I didn’t know that until researching for this article), so now it’s a trending tourist destination, stealing the thunder from Baddeck. Information signs placed all over will inform you about the history of that particular part of the city, so you won’t get home without learning something new.

For us the city has a different significance, as here’s located the immigration centre which gave us the green light to come in Canada. Now that we’ve seen it I have to say it’s quite a nice place to visit if you like walking and taking your time to enjoy the nature. As you’ll see in the attached gallery, there are quite a few parks to go to. In parks there’s the biggest chance to meet the locals, as the streets of the city are very scarce on people, especially on weekends.

Unfortunately if you’re the dynamic type there’s not much else you can do in Sydney, so you can forget about fine dining or night clubs. Sydney is more of quiet place, not an urban metropolis, not that’s something wrong with that.

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