One of our favourite travel attractions are scenic drives, and if you ask motorists in Canada they tell you about the Cabot Trail, a 298 km (185 miles) long loop on the northern part of Cape Breton island in Nova Scotia. Driving through the Cabot Trail took us roughly 6-7 hours and not because we’re slow drivers, but because they’re so many look outs where you can take a breath of fresh air, shoot some pictures and admire the beautiful untouched nature of Cape Breton.

Official site of the Cabot Trail. Interactive map of attractions

At a point we’ve ceased stopping at every look out and drove until we’ve found something new to admire, and if you like highlands meeting the sea there are plenty of spectacular views on the Cabot Trail scenic drive (just take a look at the pictures ending this story).

But the scenery is not the only reason to visit the Cabot Trail, as you can stop at any of the restaurants offering fantastic fresh seafood or go on the world class hiking trails of the Cape Breton Highlights National Park (entry fees apply), or enjoy the sun on one of the small beaches scattered along the way. Also if you like music festivals take a look a the events calendar and plan your trip accordingly.

The roadway passes through a lot of small communities that will open a door into the traditions of  these lands if you want to make your stay longer in the area. Just follow the links at the beginning of this article to discover the attractions.

And as you’re already used to, we’ll end with a gallery of the images we’ve shot during our drive on the Cabot Trail:

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3 thoughts on “Cabot Trail scenic roadway in Cape Breton”

  1. Hey John, you should come back and do it again on a motorcycle!!!! Its the ultimate in thrill and beauty! absolutely amazing! A rider from the United States was quoted as saying the Cabot Trail is like the coast of Maine ON STEROIDS!!!

  2. I agree with Jean-Marie. We moved from Toronto because as motorcyclists we simply fell in love with the place. Now we are in our 5th season of operating our guest house for motorcyclists. All of guests are here to cross the Cabot Trail off their bucket list. A must do on a bike as many times and seasons as possible!!

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