On our way back from the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens we chose to go back to Halifax via a detour so we’ll get the chance to explore the Kejimkujik National Park and Historics site (a two-in-one unique combination). Plus we also like to drive. We had no idea it’s such a huge place, split in two completely separated areas: the main park inside Nova Scotia province (borders with Queens and Annapolis county) and the seaside unit, a much smaller park on the coast of the Atlantic. In total the two parts that make Kejimkujik measure 404 km2.

Kejimkujik official site – all the details you need in one place

We went to the mainland part, and just managed to scratch the surface of all the activities you can do there. We went on an easy hiking trail in the wilderness that took us roughly an hour to complete.

The beauty of the place was ruined only by insects, so it’s highly recommend you bring an anti-bug spray with you. We had one and it helped us greatly, despite the insistent little black flies. I can’t imagine us hiking there without a bug spray. We didn’t know at that time, but we’ve heard after our “adventure” that you have to protect yourself against ticks that can be infected with lime disease.  So definitely have a bug spray handy and use it before getting into the woods.

Activities available at Kejimkujik: Camping, Hiking (including in Wilderness), Biking, Canoeing (including in Wilderness) and Kayaking, Fishing, Swimming, Bird Watching, Picnicking, Playing, Cross-border skiing, Snowshoeing, Dark Sky viewing, Volunteer stewarding and Interpretation Activities plus a bunch of other special events

If swimming is your thing don’t worry, Kejimkujik has got you covered  with quite a few beaches (the one we’ve visited was supervised). Just make sure you get there when the sun is still up in the sky. We were a little bit too late for a swim.

Admittance to Kejimkujik National Park is not free. See here an updated list of entrance fees

As we’ve said, you need a lot of time to see everything there is to see and do everything there is to do at Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site, so we plan on going there again soon, and update this article with more info. Until then here are a few images that I’m sure will make you want to visit Kejimkujik, if you ever travel to Nova Scotia:

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