Here in Halifax there’s a saying that goes something like this: the best thing about Dartmouth is it’s view of Halifax.┬áTo me this is a little mean, so I thought of investigating the claim by crossing the bridge to Dartmouth and taking a few pictures from Alderney Landing and Ferry Terminal Park, two points that I though appropriate for the task.

Alderney Landing is the ferry boat terminal, one of the ways to cross from Halifax to Dartmouth and back (the others are MacKay and MacDonald bridges) while Ferry Terminal Park is a nearby public park where you can sit back and relax a little bit after a hard day’s work.

Needless to say the views of Halifax are gorgeous, but so are the two places mentioned before. My conclusion is clear: both Halifax and Dartmouth have plenty of places worth visiting, so don’t dismiss either of them when planning your visit to Nova Scotia.

Here are a few pictures from my local trip:

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