Seeing is believing: this seems to be the motto of London’s Science Museum, also a free entrance museum from London, just like the Natural Science Museum we’ve shown you a while ago. It’s the place to learn about science and human advancement in past centuries by looking at full scale models, original devices and scale replicas, all with explanations and also a few games to keep the kids entertained.

Science Museum website – find info about attractions, visiting hours and seasonal events

As with most museum in London, you need time to visit one fully, a lot of time, and since London’s Science Museum covers topics from centuries ago it’s a lot to digest in just one day. Here are a few topics covered by this museum, some exhibitions being seasonal, but most are permanent: agriculture, the atmosphere, materials, computing, energy, sailing, health, mathematics, psychology, medicine, flight, space exploration, measuring time and telecommunications. There are so many things to see that you don’t know where to start, even if the provided fee guide is clear enough about what are the main attractions and where they’re situated.

I highly recommend making time to visit London’s Science Museum, especially if you want to make your kids thirsty about science. Seeing all those full scale airplane, trains and cars models is like a revelation compared to traditional learning techniques. I guarantee they will want to come again at the Science Museum, on of the must see places in London.

Here are a few travel pictures we’ve took inside London Science Museum, a fascinating place to learn science first hand:

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  1. The Science Museum is a fantastic day out, however, due to COVID-19 the overall experience was a bit of a letdown. A lot of things in the museum are interactive such as tablets and a lot of these were off due to social distancing measures. Nevertheless, my family and I had a fantastic time and the space section was our favourite.

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