Our first winter in Halifax. It’s time to see how we’ll resist the Canadian winter. With a warmer than usual December (according to locals) we are now passing through the first true winter months, with abundant snow falls and stormy weather.

And so our journey through the streets of Halifax started, in 10 inch deep snow, white and shiny. Unlike other warmer times of the year, when it’s winter in Halifax there’s little movement besides the cars and trucks on main streets. Everything is calm, just like in a fairy tale. But let’s not get sentimental so soon.

Here are more pictures we’ve took throughout the city of Halifax:

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3 thoughts on “Winter in Halifax”

  1. Beautiful pictures…but burrr! I’ve lived in warm climates most all of my life…I’m not sure how I would react to this much cold but it sure is amazing to look at!

  2. Its beautiful – I lived in Vancouver for a year I though I’d get to Halifax as it was quite near Montreal LOL Maybe next time!

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