Upon our continuous search for a quiet place to walk and breathe the fresh air we cam upon Shubie Park, an urban park that’s part of the abandoned Shubenacadie Canal (official site) which is still passing through the park.

Shubie park is placed a few kilometres from Downtown Halifax, in the heart of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, so you can reach there by car or using public transportation. I don’t know why it’s presented as an urban park since you’re clearly walking through a forest, albeit with very good facilities, orientation signs and foot paths to get you safely through the entire park.

Shubie Park is delimited by Lake MicMac and Lake Charles with footpaths on both sides of the Shubenacadie Canal crossing it through bridges.

About Shubie Park – get more info from Wikipedia

I have to say that since we’ve moved to Canada we’re constantly surprised by the environment here, the way people treat and maintain the natural resources and Shubie Park is no different. It’s a place to see all kinds of birds and small animals, with squirrels being quite ‘curious’ and approaching you especially if you carry seeds to feed them. I’ve even seen squirrels eating from kid’s hands. Mind you that is forbidden to feed migratory birds, so make sure to read the signs before doing something unlawful.

And since words don’t do justice to the natural autumn beauty of Shubie Park here are a few pictures for you to admire:

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