Even if I was not a fan of just walking as a recreational activity, I believe that was because of the age. Now I actually enjoy long(er) walks in places like Downtown Halifax where words like overcrowding are found only in dictionaries. As you’ll see in the pictures below there’s not much animation at sunset time besides cars and the occasional tourists (like us) that are taking pictures and look for places to drink a hot beverage.

The Downtown area of Halifax is just two blocks away from the Waterfront, which means you’re in walking distance from a quiet walk near the waters of one of world’s biggest natural ports. If you like water so much you can also take the ferry to Dartmouth, across the golf. Now moving back to the Downtown area, it’s a completely different architectural style than what you see in the rest of Halifax, with high rise modern buildings blending with century old building in colonial style.

Downtown Halifax at night is something you don’t have to miss if you get here. Here are the pictures we’ve took during our short walk in Downtown Halifax at night.

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