We love cars and we love driving, so it was quite a pleasant surprise to see a few American Classic cars during our Sunday drive on the Cabot Trail, an excellent driving road on Cape Breton’s highlands. If you’re anything like us you must drive the full length of the Cabot Trail, which is a few kilometres shy of 300 (185 miles).

Even if you’re a slow driver or stop at every point of attraction you’ll be able to complete the ride in just one day. We were lucky enough to get there on a sunny day, and so did the other motorists, but not to a level where you could call it a busy road.

The guys driving those amazing American Classic cars let us take pictures, ask a few questions and we even got the chance to get inside the white car (the one in the gallery at the end of the post). So if you’re polite and ask you might get lucky yourself and hop into one of these classics. I would’t stretch it too much and ask for a drive, buy you never know right?

Where we came from there are no cars like these, especially since Eastern Europe doesn’t have such an old automotive history, or you can say there are no classic models from this region worth driving, so it was quite a treat for us looking closely at these fully restored and fully functional classics. And they sounded great too…

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2 thoughts on “American Classic Cars on Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail”

  1. Beautifull cars…
    Not sure what the makes and names are of some of them. Image 8 and 9 is gorgeous! Do you happen to know what it is?

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